Space Inc. – The Documentary

Visual Voice Gallery is delighted to support the documentary Space Inc., which is being produced by a team of young filmmakers from Montreal. Space Inc. is a serious effort to understand what might be the most disruptive industry of all times: the Space Industry. With a multidisciplinary and award-winning crew, the …

Peter McLeish - Red Sprites

The Historic Search for Red Sprites

Peter McLeish, who is currently showing his Red Sprites exhibition at Visual Voice Gallery, has written extensively about the fascinating phenomenon of transient luminous events (TLE). “Red sprites” are upper atmospheric optical phenomena associated with thunderstorms that have only recently been documented using low level television. We are pleased to share three of …

Visual Voice Summer Studio

Summer Studio 2016: Call for Entries

Visual Voice is looking for two artists to sub-let the Visual Voice Lab and Gallery space during the months of June, July, and August 2016. The artists will then be invited to exhibit their work at Visual Voice Gallery during the month of September We welcome artists who work at …

Stephen Kawai - H20 #1: Hydrated Cavity

Mobiles, Molecules and the Coalescence of Process

Stephen H. Kawai, who is currently exhibiting his chemistry-inspired mobiles at Visual Voice Gallery, published an article in the Leonardo Journal of Art, Sciences and Technology titled Mobiles, Molecules and the Coalescence of Process. The article is available for download in pdf format here. Abstract The author provides an account …

Camera Obscura no 1.4530x30

In the Media: The Dopamine Collective

The Dopamine Collective The Universal Artist… Experiments in Reality October 22 – November 28, 2015 The Absurdist Scientific Art of Dopamine Collective DJ Pangburn, The Creators Project (English) Meet the Dopamine Collective The Collective, CBC Arts digital project (English)

Sarah Hatton - Visual Voice Gallery

In the Media: Bee Works

Dead Bees become Art to Highlight Colony Decline Emiko Jozuka, Wired Magazine (English)Электродрели и шуруповерты Bee Works Exhibit is a Call to Action Martin Poole, Cult Montreal (English) Abeilles en péril Linda Moussakova, Arts & Science (French) Bee Works de Sarah Hatton : Le miel vu autrement Sophie Suraniti, Journaliste …

Charles Lindsay - Carbon II

In the Media

Christoph Bader & Dominik Kolb (deskriptiv) These Crazy Bacteria-Filled Spacesuits May Be What Let Us Survive On Other Planets Adele Peters, Fast Company Article about Bader & Kolb’s current project in Art+Science in Motion Short Film Festival Virée des galeries | Art, science, et… sport Éric Clément, La Presse …

Andy Thomas - Nightingale

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