Visual Voice is pleased to present the wandering exhibition ALPTRAUM (NIGHTMARE), conceived by artist Marcus Sendlinger (Berlin).Перемычки

Thursday, June 18, 2015
5pm – 7pm

June 18 – 25, 2015

ALPTRAUM has been traveling the world since 2010, with one aim only – to build a collection of artists’ visions of a nightmare (Alptraum). In each stopover city, new artists are added to the exhibition, exploring the relationship between the individual, the national and the global collective subconscious. The exhibition has thus far travelled through Washington, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Manila, among others. There are 131 artists from 13 countries participating in the wandering exhibition, joined by five new artists from around Canada for the occasion of the exhibition in Visual Voice.
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Gallery address

Visual Voice Gallery
Belgo Building
372, rue Ste-Catherine West
space 421
Montreal QC H3B 1A2

Opening hours

Wednesday – Saturday
12pm – 5:30pm or by appointment

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