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Chœur (autour d'Etel Mina)

Johanne Jarry, Claudette Lemay,
Josée Pellerin, Sylvie Readman





September 13 - October 4, 2014
Johanne Jarry
Claudette Lemay
Josée Pellerin
Sylvie Readman

Chœur (autour d'Etel Mina)

Anonymous photos, found during trans-continental urban wanderings, one day find themselves spread out on a worktable in Montreal. Two portraits, taken fifteen years apart and identified by the name Etel Mina, suggest a path. Around them, the creative process is organized by four collaborators: Johanne Jarry (author), Claudette Lemay, Josée Pellerin and Sylvie Readman (artists). The project seeks to implement a plural subjectivity working around the "thickness" of the image.
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